Top photos telling the story of this week in L.A.
  1. #NousSommesUnis
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    City Hall was lit blue, white and red in solidarity to those who lost their lives in the Paris Attacks.
  2. Candles for the City of Light
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    Hundreds of Angelenos assembled for a candlelight vigil at City Hall to remember the lives lost in the Paris Attacks
  3. No Hands, No Problem
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    Mayor Garcetti took on the 10 freeway in a self-driving car.
  4. Vice President Joe Biden
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    Mayor Garcetti hosted Vice President Joe Biden at the LA Cleantech Incubator in DTLA to discuss the future of clean energy in Los Angeles.
  5. 'Tis the Season
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    The Grove Christmas tree gets lit.
  6. "Tis the Season (cont.)
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    Over 2.1 million passengers are expected to travel through LAX over Thanksgiving. Make your holiday more relaxing by planning ahead at
  7. Man's Best Form of Relaxation
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    When you get to LAX, you may get to meet Gromit and Tru. These pups provide stress relief to passengers at LAX as part of the Pets Unstressing Passengers (PUP) program.
  8. Miniature Horses with Big Hearts
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    The Mayor's Crisis Response Team has certified and deputized American Miniature Horses to provide emotional support to victims of trauma. The legacy of Lil' Sebastien lives one.
  9. Digester Gas
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    Breaking ground on facilities to harness potent gasses to generate clean energy.
  10. Hope in Paris
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    Mayor Garcetti will travel to Paris alongside other Climate Mayors as part of the UN Conference on Climate Change. Cities are ground zero in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.