Growing up in Carlsbad CA, I have heard all of these words at the beach and in the water.
  1. Frothing
    "Dude I'm frothing right now!!!" Meaning: I'm exited to surf
  2. Nugging
    "Dude it's nugging out there!!!" Meaning: the waves are good.
  3. Weecher
    "Dude look at the weecher!!!" Meaning: there is a girl.
  4. Freshie
    "I got a freshie!!!" Meaning: look, my new surfboard.
  5. Dawn Patrol
    "Dawn patrol?" Meaning: hey, do you want to go surfing tomorrow morning really early like maybe at 5:45am?
  6. Pitted
    "Dude it's so pitted out there!!!" Meaning: the waves are tube shaped.
  7. Barnie
    "You're being a barnie" Meaning: you aren't cool
  8. Slob Reverse
    "Was that a slob reverse?" Meaning: did you spin but grab your board first?
  9. Loc
    "I'm a loc here" Meaning: I've surfed here before.
  10. Grom
    "The groms are frothing right now!!!" Meaning: the young surfers are exited