There are some things I've always wanted to do before I kick it. There are new things. There are things I wanted to do but I've managed to tick off. They're all going to be here.
  1. Get married
    Done. 7/7/07
  2. Buy a house
    Done. 11/12
  3. Have kids.
    Done. Three boys including twins!
  4. Graduate college.
    Done. I got my BA in 2011 after a long long time.
  5. Go to Mexico.
    Done! 2008
  6. Swim with dolphins.
    When in Mexico!
  7. Scuba with turtles.
  8. Stick my toes in Pacific Ocean.
  9. See Stonehenge.
  10. Write a book.
  11. Get pilot's license.
  12. Go to Hawaii.
  13. Earn PhD.
    Working on my MA!
  14. Sell a painting.
    I need to paint something. And then something worthy first! I usually just gift them!
  15. Learn to play violin.
    I am very good at the clarinet as of...2003. I was just getting ok at the alto sax, and was a teeny beginner with piano (though I can still duplicate a few nursery rhymes with my right hand).
  16. Learn to speak a foreign language.
    My high school French isn't enough. It's about proficiency! Ideally, I'll learn French, Spanish and German to intermediate proficiency before I go. Would love to know many more!!
  17. Go with my husband to Ireland.
    It's his dream to go, obviously I wouldn't mind visiting. But it's my dream to make this dream of his happen! Might as well hit up Scotland while there! Good time to get to Stonehenge. And maybe we can tour London. Nice long vacay?
  18. 👦🏻👶🏻👶🏻
    I know you'd expect to see "raise happy and successful kids" on here... but that's my job. Of course it's something I want, but when do you ever tick that off? I can't make my hopes for them markers for my own success and happiness. 💙