1. Rice crispies
  2. Confetti cake with chocolate frosting
  3. The chicken wings my dad grills
  4. My Pepere's chicken stew
    When I was little he started cubing the carrots by hand for my baby mouth. He always did after, even though no one needs him to, as a super special touch on an already lovingly crafted meal.
  5. Memere's strawberry rhubarb pie. I haven't had it in years.
  6. Anything my mom cooks.
    Really. She made so much over the years I can't pick one dish that represents my childhood to me. Sitting to one of her meals with the family always brings nostalgia for all of us!
  7. Junior mints, a special treat my dad would sometimes bring me.
  8. Bubble gum ice cream with the chunks of bubble gum
  9. Golden brown marshmallows
    Because dad taught me how to do them perfect
  10. My dad still makes the best grilled cheese.