These watering holes fill a particular niche, whether it's our city's time-honored tradition of hair-of-the-dog day-drinking, the growing trend in kitschy themed establishments, or just that old neighborhood standby where you can stop in for a beer after work. Full story, with more bar suggestions and addresses:
  1. Best Neighborhood Bar: The Alibi Room
    Finding a hearty beer or a stiff cocktail on the Westside used to be an adventure. Now the other extreme is true: It's getting harder to find a good drink without pomp and circumstance. Dave Reiss' Alibi Room strikes a nice balance.
  2. Best '70s-Themed Bar: Good Times at Davey Wayne's
    Maybe you're a '70s kid with fond memories of 8-tracks and roller rinks. Or maybe you're 21 and just like to wear bell-bottoms. Either way, this is the perfect hangout for you.
  3. Best Rooftop Bar: Ace Hotel
    A partially covered dining and lounge area with comfy wicker furniture and tree-trunk tabletops rambles out to an intimate pool deck, presided over by the Ace's dramatic, neo-Gothic tower and even more dramatic views of the downtown skyline. It's the perfect spot to sip a White Rabbit (cognac, Scotch, vermouth, yellow chartreuse, bitters and mint) and appreciate our city's boundless ability to stay awesome.
  4. Best New Gay Bar: Precinct
    The space features a wrap-around patio ideal for noshing on mimosas and eggs. After the sun sets, the sprawling dance floor plays host to some of L.A.'s hottest gay dance parties.
  5. Best Old-School Happy Hour: The Barkley
    The Barkley serves just about all needs, from Dodger games to jazz combos to corny menu puns ("Pasta la vista, baby!"), but it functions best from 4 to 7 p.m., Sunday through Friday, as a happy hour hangout.