Being that some of our favorite tales of ghosts and ghouls, maniacs and monsters were shot on incredibly tight budgets, practical locations were the only choices for some of our favorite horror filmmakers. Many of the great horror movie locations are right in our L.A. backyards. See them all here:
  1. 'The Devil’s Rejects' House
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    Club Ed, on the outskirts of Palmdale, was built for 1991’s 'Eye of the Storm,' starring Dennis Hopper. It’s most recognized in Rob Zombie’s 'The Devil’s Rejects' as the Khaki Palms Motel.
  2. 'The People Under the Stairs' House
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    The West Adams house from Wes Craven’s 'The People Under the Stairs.'
  3. The 'Drag Me To Hell' House
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    The Doheny Mansion at Mt. St. Mary’s College’s Doheny Campus was used in Sam Raimi’s 'Drag Me To Hell.'
  4. The 'Poltergeist' House
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    The 'Poltergeist' house -- Simi Valley
  5. The 'House on Haunted Hill' House
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    Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House in the Los Feliz Hills has typically been used in horror films or as the home of a villain because of its sharp angles and cavernous interior. One of the earliest films to use the house was 'House on Haunted Hill' starring Vincent Price.
  6. The 'Halloween' House
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    Laurie Strode’s house from 'Halloween.' The owners of this South Pasadena house leave a prop pumpkin outside so visitors can take photos with it on the spot where Jamie Lee Curtis sat.