Andre Bauth, who dreamed of becoming a big shot in the film industry, ran a boardinghouse in Hollywood for aspiring actors. He wrote, produced and starred in a film titled El Landlord, in which a landlord much like himself began killing his tenants. Then, in real life, he knifed one. Read the full story here:
  1. "I wanted always to be famous, but not famous like this ... I won an Emmy three months ago and nobody talks about it. But I make one mistake —I guess that's how Hollywood works." --Andre Bauth
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  2. "Do you think I can find [a] new theatrical rep with this or does this video not help me?" --Clayton Haymes, stabbing victim
  3. "I am famous now due to this incident. So any professional ideas are welcome here." --Andre Bauth
  4. "It's sad, the situation ... but the publicity, it's definitely gonna help." --El Landlord director Nicholas Nathaniel
  5. "I had a knife pulled on me. A guy choked me. Once the creative energy died, it became like Lord of the Flies." --Chris Davis, boardinghouse tenant
  6. "I do regret, deeply, in my soul, renting rooms in L.A. ... it was the worst decision I made in my life." --Andre Bauth