They took "hangry," "mkay," and "awesomesauce," but not these local words. Give us your own lexical suggestions that you use to describe the L.A. experience.
  1. grasshole
    Noun: individual or institution that owns a property with a lawn that remains lush during the drought.
  2. sunsta
    Noun: photograph of L.A. sky and/or subset posted to Instagram between 5 and 9 p.m.
  3. Intellijunta
    Adjective: describing a neighborhood that's been taken over by coffee shops with fierce customer loyalty.
  4. easterlies
    Noun: person(s) who lives west of Mid-City but claims Eastsider status.
  5. trailer
    Verb: the act of ending a hike at Ferndell with a light meal and hang-out session at Trails Cafe.
  6. compmmute
    Verb: to use a laptop while commuting, typically on the Red or Expo Lines.
  7. somebodies
    Noun: users of the Somebody app who have successfully interacted with its creator, Miranda July.
  8. imaginangeles
    Noun: utopian L.A. referenced most frequently by optimists.
  9. adventrain
    Noun: a person who commutes by car to the Westside looking forward to the Expo Line extension.
  10. a'walkers
    Noun: disciples of "foot soldier" Alissa Walker making concerted efforts to use public transport.