1. FOOD: Our 10th Annual Food Event
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    Hey, we can’t not plug our own amazing gastronomic extravaganza. Bites from 40+ restaurants—A.O.C., Bestia, Jitlada, Faith & Flower, Sambar…the list goes on. October 18, for info: http://bit.ly/1eTEecq
  2. MUSIC: Florence + The Machine
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    Florence has a kinetic presence and attention grabbing outfits. But it’s her vocals that command the stage. October 16 and 17 at the Hollywood Bowl
  3. COMEDY: Prop Drop
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    Who knows what might happened when you combine talented comedians Todd Glass, Eliza Skinner, Jeremiah Watkins, Harry Moroz, and Jake Adams with a bunch of props from film and TV. October 16 at the Westside Comedy Theater
  4. CONFAB: Burbank Beer Festival
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    The first ever Burbank Beer Festival, in downtown Burbank on October 17, will showcase both local and national craft breweries.
  5. CONFAB: Taste of Soul
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    Musicians DW3, Angie Stone, and Monica will perform, among others, at the 10th annual free “family festival” on October 17 along Crenshaw. Did we mention the food vendors?
  6. MUSIC: An Evening with Niki J Crawford
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    Crawford, known for her soul and funk-influenced musical approach, will be performing songs off her debut release The Genesis Block at Mrs. Fish on October 17.
  7. FOOD: 2nd Annual Eastside Food Festival
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    The festival's goal is to encourage low-budget filmmaking. This year they're showing 25 short films, including several world premieres, at the Gallery Theatre at Barnsdall Art Park on October 18.