You've got the basics, from vintage glassware to proper ice cubes. Barman Joseph Brooks of The Eveleigh shares his expertise for your next steps...
  1. Cocktail picks
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    Metal spears are better than cheapy toothpicks. (A shot of Joseph Brooks in a recent issue of L.A. Mag--he also loves a crowdpleasing bowl o' punch.)
  2. Gallone mixing glass
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    Looks like a giant brandy snifter, but this Italian vessel can mix up to five drinks at a time. Negronis all around!
  3. Bitters vial
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    This mixologist gadget ensures consistency with every dash. (Bar Keeper in Silver Lake sells nifty vintage ones.)
  4. Ebaloy citrus juicer
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    Fresh juice makes a cocktail so much better.
  5. Kappa Pisco
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    Hooch du jour made from fermented grapes. Try a twist on the pisco sour with Pisco Chicano (Pisco, lime, ginger ale).
  6. The 86 Co. Spirits
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    Ergonomic bottles -- with scored lines for batch drinks--sets this brand's gin, rum, tequila, and vodka apart.
  7. Highland Park Scotch
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    Complex whiskey with more notes than a Bach concerto. Sip slowly.
  8. Knob Creek Rye
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    100 proof, small batch, reliable rye whiskey.
  9. Tapatio Tequila
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    Like wine, terroir can affect a tequila's flavor. This "highland" brand brings a balanced taste to drinks.
  10. Raspberries
    Trendy alternative to the maraschino cherry. (Just keep it out of your Manhattans)
  11. Tongs
    Ice and lemon wedges stay germ free.
  12. Cane sugar sodas
    With the exception of standbys ginger ale and Coke, Brooke says he prefers naturally sweetened soft drinks.