The city just announced a $750,000 investment into much needed restoration of our city's fine art murals. Recognize these?
  1. "Literacy" by Roderick Sykes (1989)
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  2. "To Protect and Serve" by Nona Olabisi (1996)
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  3. "Homenaje a Las Mujeres de Aztla" by Judithe Hernández (1976)
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  4. "Return to the Light" by Charles Freeman (1994)
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  5. "Moratorium: The Black and White Mural" by Willie Herrón III and Gronk (1973)
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  6. "Mujer del Este de Los Angeles" by George Yepes (1989)
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  7. "Marc Chagall Returns to Venice Beach" by Christina Schlesinger (1996)
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  8. "Calle de la Eternidad" by Johanna Poethig (1993)
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  9. "La Ofrenda" by Yreina Cervantez (1990)
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  10. "Love is for Everyone" by Mary-Linn Hughes and Reginald Larue Zachary (1992)
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  11. Elliott Pinkney's untitled painting of prominent community figures (1984)
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  12. "The Virgin of Guadalupe" by Armando Cabrera and other artists (1974)
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  13. "Trucha! Vital Decisions Ahead" by the East Los Streetscapers (1988)
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  14. "Not Somewhere Else, But Here" by Darryl Wells (1993)
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