The city just announced a $750,000 investment into much needed restoration of our city's fine art murals. Recognize these?
  1. "Literacy" by Roderick Sykes (1989)
  2. "To Protect and Serve" by Nona Olabisi (1996)
  3. "Homenaje a Las Mujeres de Aztla" by Judithe Hernández (1976)
  4. "Return to the Light" by Charles Freeman (1994)
  5. "Moratorium: The Black and White Mural" by Willie Herrón III and Gronk (1973)
  6. "Mujer del Este de Los Angeles" by George Yepes (1989)
  7. "Marc Chagall Returns to Venice Beach" by Christina Schlesinger (1996)
  8. "Calle de la Eternidad" by Johanna Poethig (1993)
  9. "La Ofrenda" by Yreina Cervantez (1990)
  10. "Love is for Everyone" by Mary-Linn Hughes and Reginald Larue Zachary (1992)
  11. Elliott Pinkney's untitled painting of prominent community figures (1984)
  12. "The Virgin of Guadalupe" by Armando Cabrera and other artists (1974)
  13. "Trucha! Vital Decisions Ahead" by the East Los Streetscapers (1988)
  14. "Not Somewhere Else, But Here" by Darryl Wells (1993)