Local cocktail connoisseur Marcus Fan has tried just about every drink, just about everywhere. These are his favorites, plus a few key ingredients. (Check out our blog devoted to spirits: Liquid LA at lamag.com.)
  1. Beets to the Rhyme at Harlowe Bar
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    Pisco and mezcal-based. Harlowe Bar, West Hollywood
  2. The OG at Love & Salt
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    Mezcal, maraschino liqueur, and limoncello. Served at Love & Salt, Manhattan Beach
  3. Endless Summer at Melrose Umbrella Co.
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    Nigori sake, vodka, melon purée. Served at Melrose Umbrella Co. Fairfax district.
  4. Gams, Gams, Gams at Honeycut
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    Apple brandy, vermouth, cherry liqueur. DTLA.
  5. Storyville Shandy at Sassafras Saloon
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    St George Terroir gin, pear cider. Hollywood.
  6. English Milk Punch at Faith & Flower
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    Smith & Cross rum, Bulleit bourbon, sencha tea. In downtown LA
  7. Wild Turkey 101 Rye at Terrine
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    wild turkey 101 rye, orchard demerara, orange twist. Located Mid-city.
  8. Old Fashioned at the Normandie Club
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    Coconut bourbon (!) -- koreatown
  9. Hannibal's Plan at Mess Hall
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    Blanco tequila, hibiscus, spiced salt. Los Feliz
  10. Indian Summer at Raymond 1886
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    Plata tequila, cilantro, chile-salted watermelon chunk garnish. Pasadena
  11. Pearl Button at Power House
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    Kappa Pisco, cocchi americano, egg white, seltzer. Hollywood.
  12. Francisco San at Power House
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    Nikka 12 year, punt e mes, benedictine. Hollywood
  13. Black and Yellow at Bourbon Steak
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    Hakushu 12 year, creme de banane, pineapple smoke
  14. Buddah's Palm at Hakkasan
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    Buffalo Trace bourbon, yuzu, black grapes. Beverly Hills
  15. See Something, Say Something at Mess Hall
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    Singani 63, pamplemousse, geijer glog, burdock bitters. Los Feliz.
  16. Kinsale King at Redbird
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    Irish whisky, stout reduction, lemon. DTLA
  17. I Dream of Greenie at Melrose Umbrella Co.
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    Plum infused mezcal, avocado, matcha green tea. Fairfax district.
  18. Pimms No 1933 at Sassafras Saloon
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    Pimms, strawberry cucumber shrub, ginger.
  19. Hacienda at Copa D'oro
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    Blanco tequila, amaro nonino, creme yvette. Santa Monica.