Where to find L.A. bloodies that go beyond...
  1. The Pikey
    A michelada-esque tomato juice based concoction with Deschutes Porter as secret ingredient. Hollywood.
  2. Musso & Frank Grill
    Beef broth gives the Bloody Bull a murky brown color and savory flavor. Hollywood.
  3. The Hungry Cat
    Maryland Mary gets a dash of Maryland spice mix and shucked oyster garnish. Hollywood (additional location in S.M.)
  4. Fig
    The Bacon Mary is festooned with a thick bacon slice and seasoned with bacon salt. Santa Monica.
  5. Tasting Kitchen
    Heirloom tomatoes, celery, olives, and pickled asparagus turn a brunch cocktail into a sippable salad. Venice.
  6. Franklin & Company Tavern
    You have to consume the onion ring, bacon-wrapped jalapeño, Brussels sprout, and a mini-hamburger before you hit liquid with Bloody Royale. Hollywood.