The zombie apocalypse is upon us, but so is an epidemic of runaway film production. Most of the L.A-situated AMC series was filmed in Vancouver, but they did use a few local places to keep it recognizable.
  1. Bethany Presbyterian Church
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    On the first episode, it played a dingy, junkie shooting gallery. IRL it's a perfectly nice church along Griffith Boulevard.
  2. Sunset Triangle Plaza
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    The parklet in Silverlake appears in an ominous shot in the first episode before a main character named Nick gets hit by a car and ends up in...
  3. Temple Community Hospital
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    In the real world, Temple Community has been closed since 2014 (it shuttered after 70 years due to low revenue and hefty retrofitting expenses). In the Fear world, it is a bustling infirmary where doctors talk in hushed voices about viruses we don’t know enough about.
  4. Woodrow Wilson High School
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    "Fear" disguises WWHS as Paul B. Williams High School, but the LAUSD institution, located in El Sereno, is one of the main spots where the drama unfolds.
  5. Venice Boardwalk
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    Half-dressed, slow-moving people would go unnoticed here. Good place for zombies to blend in. We'll see...
  6. Sixth Street Viaduct Bridge
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    A big "I toldja so!" moment happened when the undead shuffled along this historic Boyle Heights/DTLA overpass in the first episode. But here's something actually scary: if there's a major earthquake, this 1932 bridge has an estimated 70 percent chance of collapse. A replacement project is in the works, with a 2019 date of completion.