SoCal's love of neon signs dates back to 1926. Here are just a handful of 26 you can track down with Historic Pasadena's new self-guided driving tour. For more info:
  1. Original In-N-Out Burger Sign
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    2114 E Foothill Boulevard. This is oldest standing In-N-Out Burger location—built in 1952. The arrow with light bulbs was added in 1955.
  2. Saga Motor Hotel Sign
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    1633 E Colorado Boulevard. The groovy motor hotel, which sells out during Rose Parade season, still has its original sign from 1959.
  3. Jesus Saves Sign
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    55 N San Gabriel Boulevard. This cross, with neon tubing along its outer edge, was installed circa 1950.
  4. Original Whistle Stop Trains Sign
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    2490 E Colorado Boulevard. First installed in a different location in 1951, then moved to the current location in 1988.
  5. Pasadena Labor Temple Sign
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    42 E Walnut Street. Built in 1931, at the Labor Temple is a reminder of a worker movement that gained momentum in 20th century.
  6. Orange Grove Shopping Center Sign
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    475 E Orange Grove Boulevard This property is no longer the "center" it once was, but the large freestanding sign has remained since 1959.