These gargantuan Muffler Men were produced for roadside businesses by a Venice company in the '60s and '70s, and many remain scattered across the country. Los Angeles boasts seven of the massive men.
  1. La Salsa Man
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    This hombre originally held a hamburger. In the 1980s, though, artist Bob Wade reworked his appearance for La Salsa. Though the restaurant moved earlier this year, this guy stayed behind in Malibu.
  2. Chicken Boy
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    At 22 feet tall, this modified Muffler Man is possibly the world's largest humanoid chicken. When the downtown restaurant Chicken Boy originally stood on closed in 1984, graphic designer Amy Inouye procured the figure and installed him on the roof of her Highland Park studio.
  3. Sergio
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    With his name carefully painted on the front of his checkered shirt, Sergio classes up an auto shop in the Boyle Heights area. He stands on Mission Road across the street from the Piggyback Yard.
  4. Porsche Man
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    Overlooking the 405 in Carson, this Muffler Man held a golf club over the Dominguez Hills Golf Course before the fairway was torn up to make way for the Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles. The course's development wasn't game over for the Muffler Man, though—he was refitted in 2013 with a specially made Porsche racing suit and a checkered flag.
  5. Compton Muffler Man
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    Sure, the Compton Muffler Man doesn't have painted eyes (or as far as we know, a name), but that doesn't mean he isn't watching... always watching.
  6. Tony
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    The dapperest L.A. Muffler Man, Tony sports a rare bowtie and stands in front of Tony's Transmission Center in City Terrace. He demonstrates his sheer power by holding a tiny red car in his stiff molded hands.
  7. Kevin
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    Standing outside Set A Part Automotive in Van Nuys, this Muffler Man apparently goes by Kevin (he was named after a former owner). He once sported a beard, but it has been hidden under a layer of skin-toned paint to make him look more like his namesake.