1. The youngest mayor in L.A. history.
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    Current Compton mayor Aja Brown was elected in 2013 at age 31.
  2. An internationally-recognized cricket team.
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    The Compton Cricket Club was founded in 1995. It's now the only American-born exhibition team. They're known as "The Homies and the Popz"
  3. The best Texas-style BBQ.
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    Bludso's BBQ has the best ribs and brisket outside of TX--located on Long Beach Blvd in Compton.
  4. Centuries-old farms and horse ranches.
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    In the 1800s, Griffith Compton donated his land to the County on one condition: a section of it would be zoned for agricultural use. Richland Farms--a 10 block stretch of Compton--still exists. It's also one of the last areas zoned for equestrian use.
  5. There's a Compton airport.
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    The Compton airport has been open since the 1920s, and has a flight school, museum, and annual air show.
  6. And a Compton Creek.
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    It runs 8 miles long, with lush vegetation, and is undergoing a similar overhaul as the LA River.
  7. It has a rapidly changing demographic.
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    The majority (57%) of its 95,000 residents are Latino, a mix of Mexican and Salvadoran families. African Americans make up 40%. (26 year old Isaac Galvan is the first Latino--and youngest member--on Compton City Council)
  8. And it's no longer "South Central."
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    Despite the mainstream misuse, the city of Compton isn't synonymous with South Central--which includes several LA neighborhoods. Ten years ago, in an effort to lose the "South Central" stigma, the area from West Adams to Watts was renamed "South L.A." So if you want to be a more accurate Angeleno, avoid using South Central altogether.