1. Last week, nearly 100 people who recently ate at a Chipotle in Simi Town Center reported symptoms of food poisoning.
    Severe diarrhea and vomiting were common complaints and several people were treated for dehydration at local emergency rooms.
  2. On Friday afternoon, the location shut down.
    All food was tossed. Health department officials notified.
  3. The Ventura County Environmental Health Division launched an investigation.
  4. They discovered numerous small-scale violations like...
    dirty restrooms, flies, unsanitary floors.
  5. They also found equipment connected to sewer lines.
  6. Of the 99 who got sick, 17 were employees.
  7. The incident has prompted nearby LA County officials to consider overhauling our grading system.
  8. Our health-grading system is more than 17 years old--and not as stringent as you might think.
    Restaurants with multiple health code violations still receive an A-grade. Chipotle in Simi Valley is outside of LA county jurisdiction, it seems our system could use a refresh.