Since its #draftweek--a few snapshots as we pull together our digital archive. A work in progress...
  1. Robert Mitchum, August 1975
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    Dressed as Philip Marlowe (note the fork stabbing of waiter). Issue includes a story called "How You'll Eat in 1995." (excerpt: "Diners arrive to the restaurant on foot, some from the mass transit station down the street...Eating out has become Los Angeles' favorite escape."
  2. Burt Reynolds, February 1975
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    Two-time LA cover model Burt Reynolds on the city's most romantic spots. (Includes two postcards of City Hall and one from the Music Center). apologies for the glare off the paper, btw.
  3. Redd Foxx, December 1975
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    The guilty New Hollywood and how he "makes a bundle on the side."
  4. James Caan, April 1977
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    He loves tennis!
  5. Farrah Fawcett, March 1977
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    Sex is in big trouble!
  6. James Garner, April 1975
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    Deadliest golf holes.
  7. An ad for push button phones
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    Not a cover--just some smart tech circa 77.