L.A. billboard icon Angelyne once had a magazine called Hot Pink. Below, some tidbits from issue number 2's "How to Have Loads of Dates" (h/t @chrisnicholsla)
  1. Drop the repelling attitude.
    People can sense an attitude problem, even if it stems from insecurity. In fact that's where most attitudes come from. Get to the root of your insecurity and do your best to overcome it. Inspired by the fact that you will have many great opportunities to mingle and date an array of hot guys and dolls, you can do anything.
  2. Be friendly.
    An inviting manner attracts the opposite sex towards you. Open and friendly is the assuring method to use on the person you wish to attract.
  3. Put your ego aside.
    With the ego out of the way you can now talk to someone without the insecurity factor. Get it? I thought you would. Imagine if everyone put that aspect aside, how much fun we'd all have.
  4. Remember: friendly is also sexy. Sexy is approachable.
  5. So go get emm Tygers!
    Or get get picked up!