Some myths and marvels!
  1. L.A. isn't a "young" city.
    L.A was founded on September 4, 1781, which makes it older than Washington D.C. (July 16, 1790)
  2. L.A isn't a desert.
    Despite the heat, drought, and proximity to desert land, Los Angeles climate is more accurately described as Mediterranean. More like Greece, less like Egypt.
  3. L.A. is the size of Manhattan, Boston, San Francisco, St.Louis, Cleveland, Minneapolis, and Pittsburgh combined.
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    That's just the city--not the county. What looks like sprawl is, in part, a matter of scale: L.A. Is HUGE. Here's a visual representation.
  4. A woman brought the Dodgers to L.A.
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    Her name is Roz Wyman. She's 84. A total badass. You should meet her.
  5. Autocorrect to Angelino is wrong.
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    Microsoft Word and other smart text systems will tell you Angeleno is spelled with an i. It's not. The exception is "Angelino Heights" neighborhood.