Disney would prefer you pay for one of their pricy wedding packages--but say you want to get hitched inside the Magic Kingdom with a few friends for just the price of admission? Here's where to go inside the Park for incognito nuptials.
  1. Snow White Grotto
    The shady green spot at the center of the park next to the castle is usually empty. Toss a few coins on the wishing well and count the dwarfs as witnesses.
  2. Sailing Ship Columbia
    This three masted replica of an18th century ship is magnificent above deck and below. Just wrap it up before you reach shore.
  3. Caboose at the Disneyland Railroad
    The Disneyland Railroad has been circling the park for 60 years. Exchange vows in the wooden car and may your marriage last as long.
  4. Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island
    In 1970, a group of 300 anti-war hippies invaded the island en masse, forcing the park to shut down. You won't need to be as revolutionary--just raft over, profess your love, and raft back before causing a stir.
  5. Splash Mountain
    The river cruise puts lovers in a log where you can yell "I do" as you get soaked with water. Bonus: your wedding photo will be waiting for you when you leave. (Text by @chrisnicholsla)