As the LA River undergoes a billion dollar renovation, they're finding a lot of crazy shit in its murky depths. The recovered objects inspired artist Billy Kheel to create a giant felt mural filled with hand sewn throw pillows of these objects. Installation at LA County Store in Silver Lake.
  1. Bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos
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    Plus lots of other trash.
  2. A Santeria sword
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    Found with traces of blood.
  3. Lots of Tecate
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  4. Some Four Loko
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  5. Invasive Catfish
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    Bears used to feast off of trout and salmon--the last trout found here was in 1947. Now all fish in the LA River are invasive. Catfish are unstoppable.
  6. Invasive Carp
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  7. Invasive Perch
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    Eats anything. super-aggressive.
  8. LAPD badge
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  9. The full view
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  10. A Derringer
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  11. A cracked flip phone
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  12. A gold Jesus chain
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