1. 1920: year first parking ticket was issued in L.A., to 19-year old James Wynne. It was $10.
    During a street car strike in 1919, car sales skyrocketed. LAPD issued a prohibitive parking ordinance a year later. The first day it was enacted 1,000 drivers were ticketed. Wynne was #1.
  2. 100: number of ways to get a ticket.
    Ranging from parking in a loading zone ($58) to displaying a "For Sale" sign in your car more than three times in one year ($505).
  3. 700,000: number of parking tickets issued for street cleaning violation last year--the most common ticket given.
    This isn't counting Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and Santa Monica. They have their own city governments and parking policies.
  4. 77: percentage of those tickets paid.
    But they generated $45 million in city revenue.
  5. 15: number of people who decide the price of parking tickets.
    The majority of Angelenos don't vote in local elections. What many may not realize is our elected 15 member L.A. City Council wields incredible power, including how much we pay in parking tickets.
  6. $165 million: total amount collected for parking tickets last year.
    Even with the thousands of deadbeats who blow off paying fees. The upside is the money is put into a General Fund and used to fix roads, trim trees, and other infrastructure investment.