These low-key bars within bars are like the Russian nesting dolls of drinking. List recommended by our cocktail expert @carolineoncrack via
  1. 10 Pound Bar in Scarpetta
    The fancy 10 Pound bar is located inside the Montage Hotel but you have to walk through Scarpetta, past the hostess stand, and up the stairs to get to it. Seating is limited with just two bartenders, so a reservation is recommended. Enjoy a plate of chef Scott Conant's spaghetti at Scarpetta beforehand. (Beverly Hills)
  2. Bar Jackaloupe in Seven Grand
    There are only 18 seats at this Japanese-inspired whiskey bar located 20 paces inside Seven Grand. Reservation recommended. (DTLA)
  3. Old Man Bar in Hatchett Hall
    Newly opened Old Man Bar is easily accessible--no wait list or reservation necessary. The only catch: no after-work happy hour here; the place doesn't open 'til 8pm. (Culver City)
  4. Walker Inn at Normandie Club
    These two places are must-dos in Koreatown. Ease into your evening with the best martini you've ever had at Normandie. Then head to the back and enter through the Secret Door (yes it says Secret Door) for an omakase-style cocktail service that will blow your mind. Just 27 seats in the house. At Walker Inn, make a reservation for bar seating to watch the cocktail artists at work. (K-Town)
  5. The Varnish in Cole's French Dip
    This well-known, award-winning cocktail bar is popular for a reason: it arrived when the speakeasy concept was at its peak and still pours classic cocktails via an unmarked door inside Cole's. DTLA.