Street monuments to lost loved ones are all over L.A. We drive past, but rarely find out who they were. Los Angeles mag photographed several and tracked down the back stories. LA needs to be a safer place to bike, walk, drive.
  1. Ghost Bike, Highland Park
    Recent ghost bike remembrance for 33 year old Jose Luna killed last week in a hit and run on Figueroa in Highland Park.
  2. Shrine, Hancock Park
    30 year old motorcyclist Luke Akao was killed near metro stop at Beverly and Rossmore/Highland Ave.
  3. Shrine, Hollywood/Highland
    Minivan driven by 27 year old Saida Juana Mendez-Bernadino collided with another vehicle on Highland and Willoughby with her four children inside.
  4. Shrine, Mulholland Drive
    Armando Villanova, 40, crashed his motorcycle into a tree in Upper Nichols Canyon.
  5. Ghost Bike, Mount Washington
    Jean Carlos Galavaz, 34, crashed into a hillside on Canon Crest near Avenue 45, an apparent hit and run.
  6. Shrine, Studio City
    Jason Schmelnik, 23, and two friends were killed when an intoxicated Schmelnik lost control of his vehicle on Ventura Blvd.
  7. Shrine, Brentwood
    Julia Ziegler, 13, was hit by two cars while crossing Sunset Boulevard and Clifton Ave.