A sequel to an earlier List App item: L.A.'s Most Instagrammed Walls (and One Floor). As long as people are still taking pictures of coffee and feet, these locations will remain popular. (Nothing wrong with dogs, btw.)
  1. Perch Rooftop Bar, DTLA
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  2. Coffee Commissary, Burbank
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  3. Alfred Coffee & Kitchen, West Hollywood
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  4. Beechwood Cafe, Hollywood
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  5. Cafe Gratitude, Larchmont
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  6. Getty Villa, Pacific Palisades
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  7. Rainbow Crosswalk, West Hollywood
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  8. Smile, You're Beautiful stencil (made grammatically correct)
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  9. Intelligentsia, Silver Lake
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  10. Republique, Miracle Mile
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  11. Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollywood
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    According to Hollywood Tourism Board, Jackie Chan is the most photographed star on the Walk of Fame--more popular than the John Wayne footprints his character visits in Rush Hour.