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  1. A.O.C.
    Better known for Suzanne Goin's cooking, A.O.C. deserves equal recognition as a top-tier wine bar, thanks to Caroline Styne's stellar list. In Beverly Grove
  2. Barbrix
    No more than two cases of a bottle are ordered at any time, which keeps the global selection anything but stale. Silver Lake.
  3. Bar Covell
    Share your mood, they'll share their expertise on what might suit you. Great first date spot, btw. Los Feliz
  4. Marvin
    French bistro with an emphasis on obsession over cohesion. For the best tasting tutorial, head to the bar and skip the dining area. In Beverly Grove.
  5. Saint Martha
    Every bottle is available by the glass thanks to a magical high tech system that pours wine without removing the cork. (See for yourself!) Koreatown.