Hey it's @NancyMiller here and I need your help....
  1. We're devoting the December issue to stories about L.A.
    We're calling it "L.A. Stories." You probably could've guessed that.
  2. Like Liam Neeson, LA-based Listapp users have a set of very special skills
    Is @LiamNeeson on this app btw...
  3. You know how to tell great stories in a small space.
  4. You know (and mostly love) living in L.A.
  5. You have interesting friends and unique adventures.
    I've been following along...
  6. You are curious and thoughtful...
  7. ...and discreet enough to know when to not spill beans on an idea that isn't public yet
    Like this app--and like our December issue.
  8. If you have a great story about LA--good, bad, funny, tragic--that you'd love to see in print and can be told in about 200 words, email me.
  9. If you know any unsung heroes in LA that you think we should interview, drop me a line.
  10. Ditto old people. We need old people with good, vintage LA stories.
  11. Casting a wide net-- but thought this would be a fun experiment. Thanks in advance...