AL's Place in San Francisco was the #1 spot but two LA places were right behind it. Not too shabby!
  1. #2 Gjusta
    The Venice restaurant is described by BA restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton as "the most ambitious culinary project I've ever come across." True!
  2. #3 Petit Trois
    Ludo's more casual spot next door to Trois Mec. Bon App praises Petit Trois' onion soup. We say the brown butter omelet is a must-order.
  3. Finalist: Alimento
    Zach Pollack's Silver Lake Southern Italian restaurant made the top 50. Our food critic Patrick Kuh loves the tortellini in brodo.
  4. Finalist: Jon & Vinny's
    This place makes our top 10 every week--and we've posted about it on Listapp quite a bit. Bon Appetit wisely included it in their 50 finalists.