Bonham’s and TCM are selling a batch of classic props, all of which will be previewed at the Bonham's showroom in Hollywood this weekend. Here are some of our favorites.
  1. Clark Gable bottle opener
    The Gables sent these 2-inch can and bottle openers out as Christmas gifts in 1958.
  2. 'Ghostbusters' Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man hands
    Burn marks suggest this pair of hands was used for the scene where the creature meets his fiery demise.
  3. Dick Tracy radio watch
    In pre-Apple Watch 1990, radio watches were still science fiction.
  4. "Springtime for Hitler" poster from 'The Producers'
    This poster hung outside the theater in Mel Brooks' 1968 classic.
  5. Bobby Darin's cigarette case
    The singer's manager gave him this Cartier cigarette case, which is adorned with little snapping fingers.
  6. Kim Basinger's signed copy of 'L.A. Confidential'
    The actress played Lana Turner in the film adaptation. Author James Ellroy signed "Blood Beast!" in her copy of the book.
  7. Bela Lugosi's cane
    Lugosi used this cane when Ed Wood filmed him sniffing roses in front of his house—footage Wood later used in 'Plan 9 From Outer Space.'
  8. Walt Disney drawings
    Disney lied about his age to fight in WWI. He sent these drawings (including a sketch of a rodent that pre-dates Mickey by a decade) back home.
  9. Invisible driver VW from 'Herbie the Love Bug'
    You could really freak out your neighbors with this little stunt car.
  10. Anthony Perkins' 'Psycho' script
    For unknown reasons, the edges of this script are creepily burned.