1. A musical version of Stephen King's horror novel about a telekinetic teen premiered at the Los Angeles Theatre last night.
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  2. The original $8 million Broadway production in the 1980s is still regarded as one of the biggest flops in musical history.
    Even though the team behind it produced Fame, with choreography by Debbie Allen, and starred Cats' Betty Buckley.
  3. Yes, they go there with the bucket of pig's blood.
    Not real, but looks real. You're far enough away so you don't get Gallagher-style spatter.
  4. This production retooled the tunes, reworked the script, and camps it up--the vintage DTLA venue is redone like a high school.
  5. There are two acts, roughly 25 songs--one of them is a mother/daughter duet about menstruation.
  6. There is full 360 female nudity within the first 10 minutes of production which caught everyone off guard.
    Also: flying tampons.
  7. The phrase "dirty pillows" finds its way in to the second act.
  8. The mom from Everybody Loves Raymond was at the premiere.
    She looked miserable. But maybe that was because she was in the front row and in a crossfire of thrown tampons.
  9. Nancy Allen, the original Sue Snell from the film version with Sissy Spacek, was also there.
    She appeared entertained.
  10. Clifton's is right across the street from the theater--grab a bite and check out the renovation!
    Clifton's = list for another day.