These little oddities stand out to newcomers, but they're status quo for us.
  1. Adding "the" to freeway names
    When the state began giving freeways single number designations, locals found it easier to simply say “the 101″ rather than “the Hollywood Freeway.” The destination names were dropped, but the definite articles were not.
  2. Calling the highway the "freeway"
    All freeways are highways but not all highways are freeways. Anyway, it's not entirely clear why we use the "F word," while most of the rest of the country uses the "H word."
  3. Entering the freeway one car at a time
    Elsewhere you can get on the freeway, er highway, as quickly as you can accelerate. Here in L.A., you can often only go one car at a time when a green light gives you clearance.
  4. Turning left on yellow
    Most places, it's not an act of bravery to make an unprotected left turn. But in L.A. intersections there's often no break in the right-of-way traffic until the light turns yellow—or even red.
  5. Spotting the city's small freeway signs
    For drivers unfamiliar with the lay of the land, it can be difficult to even find the entrance to, say, the 134 when cruising around North Hollywood.
  6. Enduring an hour of traffic to travel five miles
    We've come to accept this as a fact of life, but for those unfamiliar with our traffic patterns, it's a hell of a shock.
  7. In some places in the Valley (maybe other places too), you can't even turn right on GREEN between certain hours of the day! That's how I got my first ticket ever!
    Suggested by @deb
  8. Motorcycles speeding between lanes is not standard on the east coast like it is here.
    Suggested by @Jen22201
  9. Measurement of travel between two places is always in time – not distance.
    Suggested by @lmc