HBO wouldn't reveal any details about the California-based second season of True Detective, so we did our own sleuthing. We pulled a bunch of film permits and noticed some notable LA locations to look for when the show returns June 21.
  1. The Sowden House (aka "Jaws" House)
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    Designed by Lloyd Wright (Frank's son) in Los Feliz in the 1920s. Nicknamed "Jaws" for its jagged, mouthlike entrance --visible from the street. It has a real-life true crime legacy: It was once the home of George Hodel, a suspect in the Black Dahlia case.
  2. Hollywood Bowl
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    Not sure what Vince Vaughn and Co will find at the 1926 amphitheater but the venue is a film fixture including noir masterpiece "Double Indemnity."
  3. Yamashiro Hollywood
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    Modeled after a Kyoto palace in the early 1900s by two rich German bros, the space has been a Japanese restaurant for years. It's now for sale--and may be demolished.
  4. Barnsdall Art Park
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    Somewhere amidst the moody hilltop trees and the recently reopened Hollyhock House would be a perfect place for Rachel McAdams to find a body. So far the only notable film credit in this park is 1989's "Cannibal Women and the Avocado Jungle of Death." (Bill Maher and Adrienne Barbeau alert!)