A few facts about a hard-to-find LA treat
  1. Dole Whip is a pineapple-flavored frozen dessert with a cult following.
  2. Created at Disneyland, it's typically only available at Disneyland/Disney resorts and at the Dole processing plant in Hawaii.
    (Dole is a corporate sponsor of Disneyland)
  3. A froyo shop called Whipp'd in West Hollywood is credited with serving the best offsite version of Dole Whip
  4. Dole Whip was reformulated in 2013 to be dairy-free...
  5. ...but that version isn't exactly healthy
    Lots of sugar and stabilizers
  6. Roy Choi (@Papi) is now serving a healthier, no-filler version via his non-profit South LA operation 3 Worlds Cafe
    Look for the Dole Whip redux at 3 Worlds food truck wherever you might find a Kogi---and support South LA!