With the success of Dune, falafel is getting a revamp, including chefs Ria and Matt Wilson's new Falafel Waffle at Wild at Canele.
  1. Yep, it's spiced chickpea batter pressed into a waffle iron.
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  2. Vegan and gluten-free which Ria calls "a nice bonus."
  3. The current chefs at Wild were the chef de cuisine and sous chef at Sqrl.
    = 💯
  4. The waffle is topped with pickled ramps, parsley, pickled dried apricot, carrots and other good stuff.
  5. There are lemony garlic pools that fill the squares, sinking into the waffle as you eat.
  6. The falafel waffle is on the menu until early fall at Wild at Canele
    Wild at Canele is the lunch "residency" at Canale. Which means same Atwater restaurant--Wild is lunch menu only.
  7. This isn't really a proper list but we're pretty excited to have lunch there.
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