LA is seeing an influx of serious sandwich makers who honed their skills making Mexico City street food. Here are just a few places in LA's torta boom, according to Digest blogger Bill Esparza.
  1. Los Poblanos truck
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    Serves cemita poblana, a meat sandwich (usually a milanesa) with oaxacan cheese, pickled jalapeños, and a spread of retried beans on a sesame seed cemita roll. In Boyle Heights.
  2. Cook's Tortas
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    Order the Zacatecano, a messy chorizo sandwich served with potato salad. In Monterey Park.
  3. Guerrilla Tacos
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    Any night chef Wes Avila puts a torta on the menu of his Arts District truck, you can count on indulgences like his open-faced fried duck egg torta topped with sea urchin and arugula. DTLA
  4. Tortas Ahogadas Guadalajara
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    Homemade birote (kinda like Mexican baguette) with carnitas and tangy chile Yahualica sauce. In Huntington Park.
  5. Tony's Torta Ahogadas
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    Weekend torta cart in Boyle Heights
  6. Super Tortas D.F.
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    Serves super-sized tortas chilangas with the best bread. South L.A.
  7. Tacos D.F.
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    One of the best places to get *pambazo* a chile guajillo-soaked roll that's filled with fried potatoes, chorizo, and Mexican cheese. Located in a South Gate