Happening tonight (6/27) + July 25 + Aug 22 at Central and West Plaza in Chinatown with co-hosting duties by our Digest blogger Eddie Lin! 5pm-midnight.
  1. 6pm: Cocktail demos by Grand Star and General Lee
  2. 6:30pm: Cognescenti Coffee's Jack Benchakul serves halogen heated brew
  3. 6:45: former Master Chef contestant Felix Fang cooks up Spam musabi, summer noodles, teochew mooncakes
  4. 7:30: Thai fried grub at Chimney Coffee House
  5. 8pm: a "forbidden fruit" eating competition (our guess that it's durian? Super stinky.)
  6. 8:45: Hop Woo BBQ serving a feast of Geoduck (big clam, pronounced "gooey duck") sashimi, geoduck soup, carved roast pig, frogs legs
  7. 9:30pm: try Taiwanese-style oyster and shrimp omelets with a HeySong soda float
  8. 10-midnight: dance it off with @KCRW DJs