In a letter to publisher Blanche W. Knopf, F. Scott Fitzgerald writes: "As 'cocktail', I gather, has become a verb, it ought to be conjugated at least once, so here goes..."
  1. Present:
    I cocktail. Thou cocktail. It cocktails. We cocktail. You cocktail. They cocktail.
  2. Imperfect:
    I was cocktailing
  3. Perfect (past definate):
    I cocktailed
  4. Past perfect:
    I have cocktailed
  5. Conditional:
    I might have cocktailed
  6. Pluperfect:
    I had cocktailed
  7. Subjunctive:
    I would have cocktailed
  8. Voluntary Sub.:
    I should have cocktailed
  9. Preterite:
    I did cocktail
  10. Imperative:
  11. Interrogative:
    Cocktailest thou? (Dos't Cocktail?) (or Wilt Cocktail?)
  12. Subjunctive Conditional:
    I would have had to have cocktailed
  13. Participle: