In 1915, in an effort to minimise arguments in what was a close & sometimes turbulent friendship, 14-yr-old future playwright Noël Coward and his best friend, the actress Esmé Wynne, drew up this endearing list of "Rules of Palship," to be signed & followed by both parties. The list proved successful; the pair remained friends for some years.
  1. We must not tease each other and if we begin we must stop directly when we are asked.
  2. We must take it in turns to go and see one another and if one goes twice running to the other's house, the other must do the same afterwards.
  3. We must never split on one another even if the PALSHIP is dissolved and we must hold all confidences sacred.
  4. We must share all profits in any transaction made together, however slight the help of the other may be. Profits are excluded from any expenses incurred during the said transaction.
  5. In case of serious quarrel a week or a fortnight may be taken to think things over before abolishing the PALSHIP.
  6. If one hits the other either in anger or fun, he must allow the other to hit back. Any other offence must be paid for.
  7. We must stick up for each other against anyone or anything, and stand by each other in all danger.
  8. We must tell each other all secrets concerned with ourselves, other confidences may be held sacred even from one another.
  9. We must not talk RELIGION unless it is inevitable.
  10. When writing to mutual friends we must tell each other, we must also tell each other what we have said in the letter.
  11. We must swear by "HONOUR AS A PAL" and hold it THE most sacred of bonds in the world.
  12. We must tell each other what we think about the other's appearance or behaviour.
  13. We must go straight to one another in case of mischief being made and believe NOTHING unless it comes from the other's own lips.
  14. NO ONE, not even our Parents, may keep us from one another.
  15. If any other rules are formed or thought of, the must be added (with the consent of both) at the end of this document.
  16. NO OTHER PERSON may be admitted into our PALSHIP or SECRETS.