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Random items I found doing the 30 day 30 bag cleaning challenge.
  1. Elementary school spirit pin
  2. A tiki sent to me by my pen pal in New Zealand
  3. An opal tree sent to me by my best friend who was living in Australia
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  1. Flavored water at the JW Marriott
    Grapefruit, Lemon and Jalapeño, which to get?
  2. El Charro
    Mole Chicken
  3. The Tequila Toast
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  1. Food Smells
    You had enough time to go buy your smell food before your flight. You should have made time to eat it too. That cheese was stinky!
  2. Smoke smells
    If you smoke, do you realize how bad you smell to others? Your clothes, skin, breath all reek and now I'm trapped with you without fresh air 😩
  3. Body odor
    2 words: bathe and deororant
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  1. Open toed shoes with your suit
    Okay, some people have bad feet which only makes it looks worse. If you are going to do it, at least go get a pedicure.
  2. Wrinkled clothing
    So, if you are an adult you should probably own an iron. Even hotel rooms provide irons.
  3. Gaudy jewelry
    A statement piece is one thing but it should not be the only thing to get attention. Or maybe that's the goal to distract because you have no idea what you are talking about.
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  1. Tucson, Arizona
    Sunshine, Fresh Mexican Food, Outdoor Activities, Home Away From Home, Cactus, Beautiful Skies, Sabino Canyon, Mt Lemmon, Sonora Desert Museum, One of My Happy Places!
  2. Elmhurst, Illinois
    Small Town, Close to Chicago, Walk Everywhere, Train Stop, College Town, Parks, Friendly People
  3. Jackson Hole, Wyoming
    Antler Arch, Snake River Grill, the Cowgirl Suite at the Wort, Beautiful Summer Weather, Huckleberries, Teton Mountains, Snow Ski Fence
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