Things I found

Random items I found doing the 30 day 30 bag cleaning challenge.
  1. Elementary school spirit pin
  2. A tiki sent to me by my pen pal in New Zealand
  3. An opal tree sent to me by my best friend who was living in Australia
  4. Wedding invitations from the 80s
  5. Dog slobber hand sanitizer.
  6. A leather bracelet from middle school with my name on it.
  7. Upside down container that looks kinda like a storm trooper.
  8. Kids art work
  9. My letter in swimming and a bar for each additional year.
  10. Another one from my pen pal. A handkerchief map of New Zealand.
  11. ITunes gift card
  12. Baby teeth
  13. Concert ticket with cassette.
    Prince and the Revolution.
  14. A Round Tuit