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For 1 or more players.
  1. What you'll need:
  2. Bridget Jones's Diary(the movie)
  3. A Pride and Prejudice obsession
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It will be in Berlin, next to a vegan fast food restaurant.
  1. We had to take this dress while she was sleeping.
    She is convinced it's the only piece of clothing she really needs. And that it works great both winter and summer.
  2. She bought these shoes for her cousins wedding.
    Then continued to wear them around the house when she wanted to feel fancy.
  3. A dress she bought but never wore.
    She bought it because it reminded her of the dress Meggie wore in the thornbirds. She now has mixed feelings about the thornbirds.
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Scary things that happened when I went to my grandmother's house. Maybe they'll make Disney movie out of this?
  1. My door doesn't have a peephole, so I had to leave the apartment not knowing if I would meet a neighbor in the hall😱
  2. My grandmother's neighbors keep coming by unannounced😱I barely have time to hide from when I hear the gate creak until they're in😱
  3. A woman asked me for directions😱 and I told her they could follow me as I was going that way😱
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  1. What are you doing here?
    I don't know what I'm doing anywhere, but please don't tell anyone...
  2. Why did you join?
    I make lists for everything, and thought it would be nice to have them all at one place. Like what to pack, or shopping lists😳
  3. Why did you stay?
    At first it was because I was shocked by how many people on here seemed to think like me. I'm not used to that. But now I appreciate li.st most for letting me see the world through different perspectives than my own.
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  1. From Margaret Atwood's The Penelopiad:
    This is what Periboea, a Naiad, told her daughter Penelope on her wedding day. Sounds like the perfect description of me.
  2. Of course I don't really think I'm a Naiad, I'm not crazy... However I am sure that I'm an Oceanid.
  3. An Oceanid is a sea nymph that is the patroness of a particular spring, river, sea, lake, pond, pasture, flower, or cloud.
    All according to Wikipedia. There might be some bla bla about mythology, but I'm sure this is true.
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  1. Do you feel moved by your national anthem?
    I like it, but wouldn't say I feel moved by it. Patriotism is seen as silly and a bit embarrassing(at least in my circles), don't know whether that affects how I feel about the anthem.
  2. How do children in your country get to school?
    Bike, walk, or public busses. Not sure if we have school busses.
  3. Can you succinctly explain your country's healthcare system, and are most citizens satisfied with it?
    It's free and tax funded, and we only have to pay for prescriptions up to a certain amount. We do have a problem with long waiting times, and you have to pay for dental care which can be quite expensive.
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Just a reminder that things can turn around even if you've lost hope❤️
  1. This spring, as I was watching You've Got Mail for the millionth time, I noticed something I hadn't thought about before.
  2. After Kathleen has closed her shop she gets time of just to be, and to figure out what to do with her life.
  3. I wanted that so much it hurt! I had been at job that was destroying me mentally for eight years, and couldn't see a way out.
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Thank you so much for the request @sofamiliar 😊🌸🌸🌸
  1. Summer here is lovely, but short.
  2. Days are long, the sun doesn't set until after ten.
  3. The long dark winters make you really crave the sun, and you feel this urgent need to soak it all up.
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  1. This lovely woman on hony reminded me of myself, and gave me this feeling of hope and calm for the future.
  2. That's who I want to be in 40 years.
  3. I already have the hat, bag and coat, and really want the glasses. The style will be no problem.
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By Karin Boye, translated by David McDuff
  1. Yes, of course it hurts when buds are breaking.
  2. Why else would the springtime falter? Why would our ardent longing bind itself in frozen, bitter pallor?
  3. After all, the bud was covered all the winter. What new thing is it that bursts and wears?
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