Written by Amalia Svensson on September 4, 1967. Amalia is a 67 year old woman living in Stockholm.
  1. Dear friends who don't speak Swedish, the H I will be referring to stands for höger, the Swedish word for right.
  2. So yesterday was H Day, we finally changed to right-hand traffic.
    There's been so much fuss about it lately, I'm glad it's over.
  3. A man came to our house to tell us about it a while ago.
    They thought we were to old to watch tv or listen to the radio - how insulting!
  4. I actually love watching tv.
    So you can imagine how annoyed I was when there was nothing but information about the switch for 12 hours straight...
  5. It was hard to miss what was going on.
    In Norrköping, where my sister lives, they had even planted flowers in the shape of an H.
  6. 360 000 road signs have been changed.
    Can you imagine how much money has gone into this little trifling matter?
  7. Well, anyway... All traffic was to stop completely at 04:50.
    Cars were instructed to move slowly to the right, and not start driving until 05:00. Quite exciting! Here in Stockholm all traffic was banned until three in the afternoon.
  8. Me and some friends went down the street to watch.
    Magda next door thought there would be a bloodbath!
  9. It was actually quite fun watching people try to figure it out.
  10. It seemed like no one knew what they were doing.
    Quite amusing!
  11. But today everything is back to normal.
    Glad to be done with the bother!
  12. My daughter and grandchildren are coming by soon. Hope they remember to keep to the right!
    And I hope they're hungry! I've made their favorite. Cheese sandwiches and cinnamon rolls.
  13. Thank you very much @jakebrandman for giving me access to this future thingy!