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Christmas in Sweden

Thank you @sofamiliar for the request😊This was a good way to cool down in the heat☀️
  1. For me, the countdown to Christmas starts on September 24.
    Only three months left, and I'm allowed to watch the first Christmas movie of the year. Usually Home Alone 2.
  2. On October 11 I can by my first julmust(I have so many rules for Christmas...)
    I can't really describe the taste of julmust, maybe like a junipery, malty cola?
  3. Shops and streets are decorated around November 15.
  4. We celebrate advent the four Sundays leading up to Christmas.
    You light one candle each Sunday. Eat christmassy party food and drink glögg(it's like mulled wine).
  5. People put up stars in almost every window.
    They really light up the dark winter nights.
  6. There are lots of Christmas markets to go to.
  7. On December 13th we celebrate Lucia.
    We have a sort of procession with different characters. There is Lucia with lights in her hair leading the procession, then tärnor(maids), lussegossar(Lucia boys, bad translation), ginger bread men and Christmas elves.
  8. From the age of five to ten my life revolved around being chosen Lucia.
    After that age you are expected to sing solo, and well, NOOO!!!
  9. Also on Lucia we eat lussebullar, which are saffron buns.
    Love them so much!
  10. After Lucia the preparations for Christmas start.
  11. Cleaning, baking, cooking and maybe making candles.
  12. The tree is decorated a couple of days before, or the night before Christmas.
  13. We celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve.
    So I guess Santa Claus visits us first?
  14. We have a julbord, which is like a smorgasbord but for Christmas.
    The most important parts are the ham, meatballs, pickled herring and a potato and fish gratin. I'm a vegetarian...
  15. At three in the afternoon we watch the same cartoons year after year.
    It's a tradition from the sixties. We call it Donald Duck's Christmas.
  16. Santa Claus comes in the afternoon to deliver presents.
    I remember hiding in the bathroom because I was so scared of him. Just look at the mask in the picture!
  17. After opening the presents we eat a certain box of chocolates called Aladdin.
    There is a national crisis any time one of the chocolates changes. And if you dare pick one from the bottom layer before the first one is finished you might have to spend Christmas outside.
  18. Then on Christmas Day you have lots of food and candy left over. And all you have to do is eat, watch movies and maybe take a walk in the snow.
    I love Christmas Day❤️
  19. I nearly forgot something very important, which is how Christmas smells!
    It smells like hyacinths, Christmas tree, cinnamon, cloves, moss, oranges, burnt raisins, chocolate and saffron.