Favorite Moments of 2015

Yay!!! Good stuff happened😄
  1. Every second spent with my niece. She's the sweetest, weirdest, craziest little person💜
  2. Getting an "I met li'l Sebastian" t-shirt for my birthday. It made me so happy - guess that's just the effect li'l Sebastian has on people.
  3. Spending the night at Stanstead airport. I couldn't find a bench or anywhere comfortable to sleep. So I just wandered round the airport all night. Pretty sure I was miserable at the time, but seems nice looking back🤔
  4. Eating gummy worms and drinking coffee. Don't know why this made me so happy, but it did!
  5. Taking a walk on my own in Battersea. It was just a perfect, lovely spring morning🌸
  6. Going to the airport to pick up my aunt and cousin who came from Cyprus.
  7. My aunt is the best, and I was so happy to see her here!! The last time she visited Sweden was 31 yrs ago when my brother was born.
  8. Sightseeing in Stockholm with my aunt and cousin. And being completely, totally weird(think it's genetic)
  9. Finding this butterfly on a warm and sunny day.
  10. Wearing my red hat. I think it could make any day better❤️
  11. Going to St. Ann's festival in Hoboken. But the best part was seeing three groundhogs on the way there🐻
  12. Being completely soaking wet on the subway, and still so happy because I was on vacation.
  13. Someone knowing my secret, and being willing to keep it😳
  14. A walk to the lake with my mother on one of the last days of summer. It was just all calm and happy☺️
  15. Getting home early from work on a sunny fall day🍁
  16. Another cousin visiting, and the first snow coming with her!☃
  17. Being home, the day after Christmas. Making this list and thinking of what leftovers to eat. And wondering what will happen next year... Only thing I know is I'll turn 33🎉