1. From Margaret Atwood's The Penelopiad:
    This is what Periboea, a Naiad, told her daughter Penelope on her wedding day. Sounds like the perfect description of me.
  2. Of course I don't really think I'm a Naiad, I'm not crazy... However I am sure that I'm an Oceanid.
  3. An Oceanid is a sea nymph that is the patroness of a particular spring, river, sea, lake, pond, pasture, flower, or cloud.
    All according to Wikipedia. There might be some bla bla about mythology, but I'm sure this is true.
  4. Anyway, I'm lucky enough to have a piece of the Mediterranean as my spot.
    I mean, can you imagine how hard it would be to be patroness of a cloud??
  5. This is where I'm happiest and feel most at home.
    Weightless, with swallows above me and swordfish below.
  6. Now many others might have discovered my place. But I do my best to avoid and ignore them.
    All it takes is to swim a little deeper. But ugh, people...
  7. I must admit though, that they have added some good things.
    Like this bench that lets me sit and admire my kingdom.
  8. Wonder if I should spread a rumor about the beach being haunted?