Just a reminder that things can turn around even if you've lost hope❤️
  1. This spring, as I was watching You've Got Mail for the millionth time, I noticed something I hadn't thought about before.
  2. After Kathleen has closed her shop she gets time of just to be, and to figure out what to do with her life.
  3. I wanted that so much it hurt! I had been at job that was destroying me mentally for eight years, and couldn't see a way out.
  4. I was taking crying breaks in the bathroom almost every hour, and getting up in the morning felt like climbing a mountain in a snow storm.
  5. All I knew was that I needed it all to stop, I needed time to breathe, and time to think.
  6. And every now and then I'd think about Kathleen Kelly, and wish I could do what she did.
  7. When I was at my darkest point and felt like I couldn't take another second, money started coming in. I got more than ever before back on my taxes, a bonus from work...
  8. I remember feeling completely frozen when I realized I could manage time of work.
  9. So I took a leave of absence, and I've had the whole summer just to be and think.
  10. My heart is still heavy and hurting, and my mind is tired. But I get to be me again.
  11. And I have the chance to create a different life for myself.
  12. I am so incredibly grateful, and still can't believe it happened.
  13. Also, I get to wear pyjamas a lot more which is such a bonus!!