Parties I Want to Go To

I would love to stand in a corner talking to the one or two people I know at any of these parties🎉🎉🎉
  1. Holly Golightly's party.
  2. Romy and Michelle's High school reunion.
  3. Werewolf bar mitzvah.
  4. Ariel and Eric's wedding.
  5. The New Years Eve party from When Harry met Sally.
  6. Connie's wedding in the Godfather.
  7. Any party Miranda goes to.
  8. The party where Romeo and Juliet met.
  9. Monica and Rachel's prom.
  10. A Liz Lemon party.
  11. Oh no wait, I'm exhausted just making this list about parties...
  12. I change my mind, I prefer to live at Downton Abbey, wear nice clothes and stay home drinking tea.