The Museum of Me

It will be in Berlin, next to a vegan fast food restaurant.
  1. We had to take this dress while she was sleeping.
    She is convinced it's the only piece of clothing she really needs. And that it works great both winter and summer.
  2. She bought these shoes for her cousins wedding.
    Then continued to wear them around the house when she wanted to feel fancy.
  3. A dress she bought but never wore.
    She bought it because it reminded her of the dress Meggie wore in the thornbirds. She now has mixed feelings about the thornbirds.
  4. A pillow with cats on.
    She got this instead of a real cat for Christmas when she was twelve.
  5. Her favorite teacups.
    She never touched them. She's good at breaking things.
  6. A broken money box.
    She doesn't know how she got it, it just appeared one day.
  7. Christmas cake decoration.
    A symbol of her love for Christmas, cake, bunnies, and tiny slightly scary but cute things.
  8. Rocks she thinks resemble rose petals.
    We don't really see it.